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optiDesigner is a software for the optimal design of water distribution systems

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optiDesigner is a Windows software for the optimal design of water distribution networks using "Genetic Algorithms".

The program uses EPANET (a hydraulic simulator distributed by the US EPA) for the drawing and analyzing the system.

optiDesigner will design the network pipes and find their minimal cost under a set of constraints which includes:

Minimal and maximal pressures at networks nodes.
Minimal and maximal velocities at networks pipes.
Maximal sources flow.

With optiDesigner you can find the most cost effective design, rehabilitation and expansion of your water distribution system.

You can make a steady state design, do a design under a number of load patterns or even run the design as an extended period simulation!

You can now download the evaluation version of optiDesigner or register the commercial version.

Well, what is next:
The development of optiDesigner version 2 is on its way. In the next version we will introduce new features like pumps design and scheduling, tank design and system operation.
At this point we can't predict when version 2 will be released but what we can say is that we have the technology already developed and working.

OptiWater is seeking business partners for the ongoing and future developments. For suggestions, remarks and information please contact OptiWater at: info@optiwater.com