EPANET coordinates conversion service

EPANET network on Google maps

EPANET network on Google maps

Need to convert an EPANET network file to a different coordinate system? Keep reading…

There are hundreds, or maybe thousands, of different geographic coordinates systems in the world. Almost every country uses a different local coordinate system and in many cases there are more than one system for a single country. Also, due to different reasons, over time a country will change the coordinate system it uses. There a few world coordinate systems used such as the WGS 84 system used by services like Google Maps, Bing Maps and others. The WGS 84 system is gaining popularity but still many water utilities and other agencies uses old and local coordinate systems.

Since modern applications, web services and tools uses the world coordinate system (or other) there is a need to convert EPANET models from and to other systems. EPANET does not support different coordinate systems and can only use X, Y coordinates so there is a need to build the network model in the right coordinates. This is where I come in.

During the past years I have worked on EPANET models from all around the world with different coordinate systems. Obviously, there was a need to convert these models from and to other systems so I gained valuable experience in this process and developed methods and tools for these tasks. Now I can offer this coordinate conversion as a service.

How does this service works?

The process is quite simple. Once you have built your EPANET model and need to convert it from one coordinate system to another you can contact me via email, Skype or phone. You will need to supply the EPANET file with information you have about the location of the network (county, city), the current coordinate system (if available) and the requested coordinate system. Once I convert the network I will send you a sample of the converted network for you to check. Once you are satisfied, and upon payment, you will receive the full converted EPANET model. There is no upfront payment and you only pay if the conversion is successful.

Questions? Please contact me.

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